Welcome to CAQC

Comfortably lodged, to study well

Welcome to CAQC

Comfortably lodged, to study well

Our Services


A comfortable accommodation, fully furnished, well located, shared flats, or individual apartments.


A tutoring and mentoring service to accompany you throughout your studies.


Transport from the airport to your residence and registration to the public transport service of your city.


We get you a part-time student job with our partners for you to have an income and integrate you into the Quebec job market.

Your Apartment     Your Comfort

Your privacy

Your studies

Very close to universities and colleges, our residences are your gateway to student life in Quebec. Québec schools are world renowned and our all-inclusive housing services allow you to focus on your academic career.

Your Social Life

Located near major centres, study places, bars, restaurants, theatres, swimming pools, fitness centres and shops you will meet new people and many activities.

Your Transport

Our student residences are close to the public transport services: metro, bus, bixi.

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Social Life and Activities

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Who we are ?

CAQC is a service company whose mission is to welcome, facilitate the integration and installation of foreign students immigrating to Canada.

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